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As technology continues to change and expand across the globe, applications for cell phones, PDAs, and other mobile devices are becoming increasingly common. The teams at KNS Solutions have significant experience in mobile application development, using all the latest mobile technology and connectivity to extend your business’s reach beyond a desktop computer at a fixed location.

When you're ready to outsource the development of your next mobile application, consider using our offshore mobile application center. Our talented and experienced developers use Windows Mobile, Flash Lite CDK, iPhone, Java ME, and other technologies for mobile devices to create the next generation of top-performing mobile applications. We can create applications for personal use on handheld devices, or for more mainstream business applications. Each and every application we develop fills a unique role in the modern environment for mobile devices.

Here are the platforms that we most often work with in designing and developing mobile applications for our clients:
  • Android (Google)
  • Flash Lite™
  • iPhone application & web development
  • J2ME-based applications
  • Web development for mobile devices (XHTML-XP, WAP-WML)
  • Windows Mobile
  • Silverlight for Mobile


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Brand: No 336, 30/4 Street, Chánh Nghĩa Ward, Thủ Dầu Một City, Bình Dương.

Tel: (84 650) 3835198 - (84) 098.815.8889

Fax : (0650) 3835198

Email : support@kns.com.vn

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